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Promotion Rules - Carp-Coins

§ 1. General Provisions

1.1 The loyalty program is conducted under the name Carp-Coins.
1.2 The organizer of the program is ROCKWORLD Łukasz Pawlik, located in Racibórz, at Mikołaja 9A Street, 47-400 Racibórz, NIP 7481388948 tel. 883 474 729 email address: info@carp-coins.com
1.3 The program is conducted in stores and on partner sites marked at carp-coins.com
1.4 The program started on December 22, 2017, and will continue until further notice.

§ 2. Glossary of used terms:

2.1 Program – Loyalty Program conducted by ROCKWORLD Łukasz Pawlik.
2.2 Partner – entity offering goods or services to Participants within the Program.
2.3 Partner Site - a site offering carp-coins points
2.4 Participant – an adult who has created an account in the store or on a partner site, participates in the Program.
2.5 Account – an individual account in the Program's IT application, where all events and transactions causing the accrual or deduction of points, collected by the participant within the program, are recorded using a login and password.
2.6. Action - purchase or other logged-in Participant interaction resulting in receiving carp-coins points.
2.7 Account Balance – number of accumulated points.
2.8 Reward - Product or service available on Carp-Coins.com

§ 3. General Provisions

3.1 The regulations specify the rules, scope, and conditions of participation in the Program.
3.2 The Program is conducted in the territory of the Republic of Poland on partner sites.
3.3 The accrual of points does not apply to purchases and actions outside of Partner Sites
3.4 The accrual of points does not apply to purchases made by Participants with special accounts such as "consultant accounts" or "wholesale accounts".
3.5 The Participant declares that they have read these regulations and accept them by creating an account on a partner site.

§ 4. Conditions of Participation in the Program

4.1 A Participant of the Program is every Customer who has a registered User Account on the Partner Site and consents to participate in the loyalty program.

§ 5. Accumulation of points

5.1 A Participant with an Account on the Partner Site accumulates points by purchasing goods (logged-in participant) or services in a store covered by the Program. Each product has a specific number of points that the participant earns. Points awarded to the Participant are registered on their account.
5.2 Partner Sites may also award the Participant carp-coins points for another Action than purchase, e.g. as a reward for reviewing products on Partner Sites.
5.3 Places, Actions, and the number of carp-coins points awarded to the logged-in Participant are designated by Partner Sites.
5.4 In case of: order cancellation, withdrawal from the contract, failure to collect the shipment, non-receipt of installments, non-publication of a review, or another reason causing Ineffective Action - points will not be awarded, and if accrued, manually or automatically verified.
5.5 Later registration of Points based on receipts or other proofs of transaction is not possible, and the Participant is not entitled to any claims.
5.6 Late addition of points based on the Participant's purchase receipt is allowed – if these points were not added to their account due to problems on the part of the Organizer (e.g., system failure).
5.7 Within one-time promotional campaigns, Participants may be awarded Extra points under separately defined rules for these campaigns.
5.8 The Participant can check the number of points they have accumulated by logging into their account on the Partner Site.
5.9 Accumulated Points are valid for two years from receipt.
5.10 Points accumulated using different accounts by people living together at the same address will not be combined.
5.11 Dividing points accumulated on the account by several participants into individual accounts is not possible.
5.12 The Organizer reserves the right to remove points and/or the Participant’s account if there is a suspicion of manipulation of the number of accumulated points through ostensible or harmful Actions to the Partner Site, e.g., any programming actions, ostensible purchases, review automation, product defamation, etc.
5.13 In case of unchecking consent to participate in the Carp-Coins program - previously awarded points will be removed without the possibility of reversing the operation.

§ 6. Exchanging Points for Rewards.

6.1 Accumulated Points can be exchanged for rewards listed on the website www.carp-coins.com or services of the Partner Site, e.g.: covering shipping costs.
In justified cases, the Organizer reserves the right to: - replace goods exchanged for others similar in value and properties.
6.2. The current list of Carp-Coins program rewards is available on the website www.carp-coins.com. Making changes to the rewards list does not require changing the regulations or informing the Program Participant.
6.3 To exchange points for a Reward, log in using the Client/Participant's login of the Partner Site at www.carp-coins.com.
The Reward can be chosen from the currently available rewards and decide how the reward will be delivered.
6.4 The Participant has the option to choose how to deliver the Reward directly from the Carp-Coins program by paying the shipping costs of the Reward or by adding the selected Reward to purchases made on the Partner Site. By adding a reward to purchases, the reward will appear in the shopping cart of the Partner Site's store and will remain there for a month from selecting the Reward. If no purchase is made in the Partner Site's store within this time, the Reward returns to the pool of available rewards, and the points return to the Participant's Carp-Coins program account. When the Reward is issued to the Participant, the required number of points is deducted from their account.
6.5 Exchanging points for a service, e.g. covering shipping, is described on the Partner Site offering such an option.
6.6 Points and Carp-Coins program Rewards are not exchangeable for cash equivalents and cannot be the subject of economic trade. In particular, any sale or exchange of points, Program Rewards for cash is prohibited.
6.7 In the event of loss of login or email to which the Program user was registered, points are not transferred.

§ 7. Complaints and Returns

7.1 Rewards received from the Carp-Coins Program are not subject to return or exchange. The Partner Store of the Program - does not issue VAT invoices or receipts for received rewards.
7.2 It is possible to claim and exchange Rewards due to defects in products identified by the Organizer.

§ 8. Final Provisions

8.1 The Organizer - reserves the right to make changes to these Regulations at any time if it is aimed at improving or enhancing the operation of the Program and when necessary to increase the efficiency of the Program and achieve the goals for which it was created.
8.2 The Program is valid for an indefinite period. The Organizer reserves the right to suspend or terminate it at any time for important reasons related to the company, in particular, when there is an unforeseen change in relations, due to which the continuation of the Program could be associated with excessive difficulties or threaten the company with loss.
8.3 Participants will be informed about the suspension or termination of the Program via the email provided on the account. In the case of suspension or termination of the Program, previously accumulated Points may be exchanged for rewards within the period specified in the information about the termination/suspension of the Program. Points not used within the specified period will be canceled.
8.4 The Program Regulations are available for inspection at www.carp-coins.com

Last update: March 13, 2019.

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